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Clubs at Our School

Clubs Avaliable at West Pennant Hills Public School

Beyond the classroom the staff at West Pennant Hills Public School are committed to providing students with opportunities to participate in a wide variety of co—curricular and extracurricular activities during their schooling years at our school. To enable such activities to successfully operate and function, our dedicated teachers who work beyond their classrooms to contribute to broader school programs. These teachers offer activities that are aligned to their interests, passions and expertise. They spend many hours before, during and after school preparing, organising and programming activities, as well as attending events and performances outside of school hours. The co—curricular and extracurricular programs run at West Pennant Hills Public School provide our students with opportunities to learn the value of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity and a sense of culture and school community.


Sydney Academy of Chess offers our students weekly Chess lessons in our Library. Students may take this opportunity to develop their skills and practice their strategies at Chess. Competitions are held at the end of the year.


The primary focus of this group is to provide students with a platform to design, construct and program robots and other projects using Lego SPIKE PRIME hardware and software. Students are also provided with opportunities to develop their collaborative problem solving and interpersonal skills. The Robotics Group operates one afternoon a week after school and is available for students in Years 4-6.

Robotics Group participate in after-hours workshops where participants are encouraged to think for themselves and to collaborate with one another. The club aims to allow students to gain confidence in solving problems, exchange ideas with others and present their work in a relaxed and supportive environment. A student stated that he was 'lucky enough to participate in this fun after school activity' where he 'learnt many amazing things including programming, interacting with robots, problem solving, robot builds and friendship'.

Science Club

The Science Club is run in collaboration with The Junior Science Academy supported by Macquarie University. It gives students the opportunity to explore various topics in Science through hand on activities. The Science Club operates one afternoon a week after school and is currently avaliable to students in Years 4-6.

The Science Club is run by two teachers, involving a weekly after school commitment. Science Club gives students the opportunity to explore, experiment and investigate various topics of Science, through hands on activities and learning experiences. Participating students report that they are 'having a lot of fun at Science Club and that they have 'Learnt a lot about Science'.


This group offer students the opportunity to participate in school Debating and in developing their oral and written communication skills. Debating teams meet several times a week to discuss their arguments, develop speeches and fine-tune their public speaking skills.

The Debating program at WPHPS is an after school activity run by two members of staff. Students learn debating skills and develop confidence in public speaking. The debating group participates in interschool debating competitions which are organised by our staff. Many after school hours are spent teaching the students the necessary debating skills and preparing them for their debates in school and for competitions.